About A Goddess

About pages always seem to be a way to define yourself. And how can I, a Goddess, bottle myself up enough for you to know and somehow understand me? I am a woman. I am a writer. I am a poet. I am a worker bee. I am an artist. I am a photographer. I am a reader. I am a clean freak. I am a student. I am a teacher. I am a mother to three wonderful, challenging, loving boys. I am a dedicated girlfriend. I think about much, and say far less than what I think. When life gets tough, I get tougher. I have a twisted sense of humor. I’m learning to love myself. I am learning to stand up for myself. I want to complete my bucket list. I want to stop letting my life be but a whisper of what it could be, what it should be. I want to live my life out loud.

To contact Shay Leigh, email her at:


You can also find Shay on Goodreads or Twitter.


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