My weather is here. My favorite time of year.

I don’t go out much. People bring out the anxiety in me. I have to prepare to be social. And it takes a lot of time to get back to normal after. But it’s not as bad in the fall. I seem to deal with less people in the fall while getting out more.

We went to a local day of the dead thing. It was fun. Fresh lemonade and cherry limeades, robot battles, dancers, crafts, and music. We decided on Taco Bell for price and convenience. There were no Taco survivors.

We did the Apple Festival up the mountain. It was nice. And chilly. And not too peopley. The boy ones got fidget spinners. But specialty ones that we can’t find in the store. And flavored honey sticks. I finally got a henna tattoo. We also got apple butter and homemade apple pie. Which is really nice as they tasted Divine and I didn’t have to do all the work.

The only downfall to this weather is my hands don’t work so well in it. So not having to peal, chop, roll, knead, mash, etc? Much nicer to this goddess. And no tears involved!

The oldest and I went up the mountain again and did a haunted house/trail thing. So fun! They got a scream from me. A ghostly lady was following us on the path, but I was prepared for her. So she walked next to the teen for a bit. He thought it was me and started talking to her. It was funny when he realized it wasn’t.

The aspen trees had these gorgeous green Christmas lights on them in one section. Was beautiful. I’d want that to be my backyard year round. It was like a little part of the fairy world was visible for a bit.

I’ve been wearing myself thin, and so I’m eating a couple of vacation days this week to give myself a break. The key is to not feel guilty for doing so. (Fun fact: I feel guilty buying myself anything, needs or wants doesn’t matter. I also feel guilty doing anything for myself, such as taking time off, calling in sick, soaking in the tub, etc).

For Halloween my work is doing a haunted house thing, so the oldest gets to come get zombified with me and help me make people scream. It’ll be great.

Today I made my first quiche. It came out great. Tomorrow I bake and cook all day to have stuff for the work thing mentioned above. I’m baking my (somewhat) famous rat cake. When you cut it open it bleeds. Fun stuff.

This is my favorite holiday. It will be fun to dress up and play about. The littles picked out their costumes a while back, a ninja and a grim reaper. So in a way we are a theme. We all kill people. The family that slays together…

I’m looking forward to thanksgiving break and Christmas break. I’m hoping I’ll find my writing groove. This year has been insanity and heartbreak, and it seems to have eaten my writing muse. I hope to find time for me in those breaks. As I haven’t had a lot of that.

Next Friday is the last day of my part time/extra job. I’ve learned that I don’t bounce back quite the same as I once did working multiple jobs. So I think this will be the last time for me, finances permitting.

Working full time, homeschooling the oldest, all the things for all of the kids, the house, and other family obligations are more than enough for me right now. If I want to find time for me, for writing, to breathe, I need to start trimming the fat, so to speak.

I can barely believe that the end of the year is coming. It went by so fast. Hopefully I get to enjoy what’s left of it.