Life surprises you sometimes. It’s all in the choices we make, the paths we take, the choices we don’t make, the paths we ignore. Sometimes we are so caught up in the beauty ahead of us, that we are blinded by the signs next to us. Passing them by without a look or care. Maybe we see it there. On the edge of the periphery. Sometimes we even know what those signs say. But we are so determined to keep staring ahead, at what is almost within our grasp, that we find the road suddenly disappears before us. We tumble over the side of the cliff, knowing we are falling, that rocks wait below to catch us oh so brutally, but we only lament the loss of the view we so desperately wanted. Needed. Desired. Hoped for. Prayed for. Begged for. But that beautiful view had no wish to be obtained completely. Instead, it looks away as those rocks catch you in their embrace. For that is the nature of said beautiful view. It has no desire to be caught, nor does it wish to catch. Hell, it doesn’t even bother to watch you fall.