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You’re such a girl. You throw like a girl. Don’t be a pussy. Chicks can’t do that. Men are stronger. You’re so sensitive. Don’t be so emotional. Women aren’t tough. You should do your make-up more often. I hate when chicks always wear make-up. She’s too fat. She’s too skinny. Confident women are sexy. Don’t be so confident, it’s a turn off. Men always have to pay their woman’s way and they hate it. You’ll emasculate him if you pay for yourself. Big boobs are hot. Small boobs are gross, what is she, a man? Why do you always have to wear a bra? Long hair is sexy. Short hair is cute. Why does it take so long for girls to get ready, men can get ready in 5 minutes? You’re just lazy wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Why is she wearing that in public, what, is she homeless? You know she’s trying too hard, why does she always dress up? You should have kids. Why did she have any kids? Why are you constantly dating? You’re a slut. She’s easy. She’s a hardhearted bitch. You should date. You should be single. You should get married. She must be a bitch, she’s divorced. She has kids, why is she working and not home taking care of them? She’s a lazy housewife. Just touch it. What, are your legs glued shut? She must be a virgin. Just let me put it in. Just lick it. Just give it a kiss. You’re such a whore. You’re too chipper. You’re so moody. God, you people cry about everything. Wow, she’s hot. Look at her tits. Look at her ass. Her tits are so perky. Get over it already. Your skirt is too short. Your skirt is too long. Chicks in summer dresses are sexy. She’s a MILF. God she’s such a cougar. You laugh at everything. That was funny, why aren’t you laughing? Her hands aren’t broken, she can open her own car door. You should clean your house better. A woman’s place is in the kitchen. Shave your legs/underarms/arms/crotch. Wax your legs/eyebrows/crotch/mustache. Did you shave your toes!? Dye your hair, your greys are showing. Women that wear heels look sexy. Why don’t you wear heels? Why do your feet always hurt? It’s just blood, why do you bitch about your period so much? She must be pmsing. Girls and their chick flicks. Check your breasts once a month. Gamer girls are hot. Gamer girls must be ugly. Why the cold shoulder? What’s this, the quiet treatment? Girls talk too much. No wonder she got raped. What’s for dinner? You don’t work as hard as men do. What are you crying about now? Moms are supposed to be soft. Women are smarter than men. You’re always doing homework. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Just suck it up and grow a pair. She’s such a dike. She’s a nympho. She never wants to have sex. Jesus, you always have to have foreplay. I’m just looking at her, it’s not like a fucked her. Why are you so paranoid about me cheating? Chicks that dig sports are hot. Paint your nails. Paint your toenails. You never want to do anything I want to do. You’re just like your mother. Men will never understand women. Women always change their minds. Women drive horribly. Bitches are crazy.

Yes, we are. And maybe this gives you an idea as to why.