Some people have New Year’s resolutions, I have this.

Goddess, Living Out Loud

As the title states, this bucket list is never ending, which means I am constantly adding new things to it. As of this moment it has 173 things on it, and some of those numbers have multiple things involved in the one item. Honestly, I will never die at this rate. 😉 When I check something off of it, I will create a link with its item that will lead to a blog about it. Even for ones I have already marked off of the list. There are a few that would make the average person blush to admitting to wanting to do, but I’m a Goddess, so I’m okay with sharing. These are in no particular order, but they are all things I want to try/do/see/experience. Here goes:

1.) Stay the night and do a ghost tour at the Stanley Hotel. Get awesome pictures.
2.) Spend 2 weeks in…

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