I love writing. I love reading. I am forever in love with books.

I was die-hard against going digital with books. There is something about a books texture. Smell. The riot of butterflies within my tummy when the story absorbs me, and I slide my finger under the page in anticipation of flipping it to continue the story.

And then I self published my poetry books. The option to also publish it digitally was given. As my goal is to be read, I decided to do it.

My mom is also a book addict, and she needed something to access the web with. So for Christmas one year I bought her a Kindle Fire. I could buy her gift cards to continue feeding her book addiction, and she has the web at her fingertips, how was this not a winning combo?!

After that I finally caved and bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite.

But I still have my love affair with books. My shelves are lined and stacked and filled. Their spines catch my eye as I walk by. I finger old leather covers as I pass. Some of them have been read by me a hundred times. I have my go-to’s for when I’m sick, scared, sad, happy, in need of escape, in need of understanding.

Lately I’ve been addicted to books about the writing craft. How to books, books about viewpoint, about finding my tribe, about improving my skills… Most books I devour within hours or a few days. But these ones? I breathe, I read, I highlight, I dog ear and sticky note. I want to absorb the words held within their pages.

They inspire me. They nurture me. They guide me. And one day I hope to share with you the muse they have made of my mind.

For my writer friends, what books do you use for writing assistance? For my reader friends, what books are your addiction?