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We woke a bit later than we did on those days along the beach. We dressed and headed to the hotel dining room for self-made waffles and the adults drank their fill of coffee. Then we went back to our room, gathered our things for the day, and called for another cab. Today our agenda was full.

We arrived at the Alamo, before the heat and humidity had really made its mark. We chose the self guided route, as it’s just easier with the kiddos.


We found a place that looked like it could have been a temple from Indiana Jones.



We marveled at all of the trees and greenery that surrounded us.


We walked through the crowded buildings and looked at artifacts from a time that feels much further removed than it actually is. We sat on benches and watched the squirrels scurry about. We checked out the cannons and wishing well, and bought souvenirs.


I tried to take a picture of the kids in front of the Alamo for my dad, but the youngest two just weren’t having it.


After this we headed for the part of the trip that was all for the kids. The Children’s Museum.


We have nothing remotely like this where we live. And I only learned about it when I was researching and planning for the trip. I am so glad I discovered this gem.Mom mom and I switched out kids several times, and granted each other breaks, in the few hours we spent here.The children LOVED it. They drew, they “shopped”, they built things, destroyed things, played instruments, and used their imaginations in a way that everyday life doesn’t quite allow.





After that amazing adventure we had one more treat planned for them, on this, our last outing before the long trip home the next day. They got to ride a riverboat.

Our tour guide was amazing, funny, and helped bring a genuine smile to my face and eased the cracks of my recently shattered heart.


He told us bits of history both old and fairly recent, he pointed out amazing architecture, and he was hilarious.


He chose me for a few of his stories (I was the gorgeous woman who killed a shark the week previously, and hung it on chains in front of a shop. I also tend all of the plants along the Riverwalk.) He made the other riders applaud these “skills”. Twice.

After the ride he stopped me and told me how beautiful I am. And that I have a great smile. He really did brighten my day. (Thank you, again.)

After this, we called another taxi and headed back to the hotel for lunch and naps. Once everyone was awake, we all headed to the pool for one last swim and had a blast. These were not the same boys that had cried about being taken into the water, clinging for dear life to me with every fiber of their being, just days before. They jumped to me before I even had my arms ready, begging to be taken to the deep end, while their older brother played shark attack. They splashed and laughed and were completely carefree. Their laughs echoed around us.

Once we had our fill, and the sun had set, we went back to our room for showers and jammies. Then we had light snacks and cuddled up in the beds, watching tv. Once the youngest two had passed out, the oldest and I found the leftover crab meat and took it downstairs. We had learned the day before that a gorgeous cat had been left behind by a previous person passing through the hotel. This poor abandoned soul deserved a feast of leftover crab.

Having eased the night for this furry friend, we headed back to our room and went to bed.