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Just recently my midgets, my mom, and I went on our first family vacation. It was for 6 days, including travel time. I rented a condo in Corpus Christi for 4 days and a hotel in San Antonio for 2 more. We did so much in that 6 days. But first, we had to get there.

This entry will cover day 1.

The plan was to leave at 5am. By the time I woke up, got the kids ready, and my mom and I finished loading my SUV, we pulled out of the driveway at 530am. Not too shabby. We stopped for ice at the gas station and then we headed out. Goal #1, Krispy Kreme in the next city. It would be a first for all of us. The kids watched a movie and I drove with a purpose. When we finally stopped for our donut treat, the sun was up and the desert heat was coming awake.

We didn’t know what to expect, but we were surprised by the free glazed donuts for each of us when we first stepped through the door. The babies also picked zebra donuts, the oldest chose a twist (his favorite at any donut place), and my mom and I chose filled. The cashier recognized me from a derby team my friend and I created in our hometown, so it was a nice surprise and chat. My oldest told her we were going on our first family vacation, and that if anyone deserved one, it was me. (Awwww, right?!) After our breakfast treat, we topped off the gas tank and headed out for the long part.

We made a lot of pit stops, as the 4-year-old apparently drank the Nile when we weren’t looking. That, or he has a sick fascination with public restrooms. (Sadly, it’s probably that last one.) Mom switched out driving with me in-between cities, so I had a chance to relax. Relaxing when the VHS player in your car decides to keep the tape, and the kids start fighting with each other, as they’re bored, isn’t really an option. Putting the water bottle from mist to stream helps keep kids in line though. (Don’t judge, you didn’t hear the screaming.)

We took a lunch break at a rest stop. Sandwiches and cold drinks were called for, as was letting the kids run off some of their stored energy. The beware of snakes signs didn’t ease my moms mind any, but we didn’t have any incidents. After this, it was back on the road. And I do have to say, Goddess bless Texas and their 80 mph highway speeds.


The desert seemed to go on forever.

And ever.

And then some more.

But finally we started seeing trees, and grass, and flowers. There were seas of yellow flowers, dotted with islands of purple and red ones. It was a sight to behold.

We were all feeling stir crazy by the time we reached San Antonio. It also meant that we were almost there. Two thirds of the trip was behind us. This was the first real city the babies had ever seen. They were too busy arguing to see most of it when we drove through.  The four-year-old decided he needed to pee after we got through the traffic and were on the outskirts. Of course.

After 14 and a half hours (including the time change) we pulled into the condo and got our passes for the gate. We found our apartment and put on the tv for the kids. Mom and I unloaded the gear onto a luggage rack and took all of that up to our floor. It took a bit to get everything put away, and get the kids fed. Then the oldest and I ran down to the beach. He’d been wanting to see the ocean since he was 5. It took me 7 years to make that dream a reality for him. It was amazing to watch them meet each other for the first time.


It was worth the wait. ❤