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Image Writing can be a very lonely thing, while being a very social thing. Here you are, alone in a room, sitting before a monitor (or pen and paper) and all you hear is the tap of the keys, or the scratch on paper. Yes, you have those you love, your family and friends, but when it gets to the writing part, you’re alone. All but for the voices in your head. (We writers really do sound like we need professional help when I say that.)

I very rarely give away what I am working on (in my fiction writer world). I may toss ideas out, but very few people know what it is I’m actually working on. Partly because I want it to be perfect, each sentence written with the utmost care. But mostly because I’m scared that the idea will be taken from me, and someone else will write it out far quicker. No, it won’t be the same, but it’s enough to kill what I do have.

I’m speaking with experience.

But sometimes you have to speak the story out loud. Work out details that elude you on the page. Sometimes, you just have to say it, so it’s not repeating itself in your mind, staring you down through the gun-sights from Times New Roman in 12 point on a white background. Sometimes, the story needs to actually be told, not just read.

And that’s where the picture to the left comes in. This is Sir Cobalticus. My new writing buddy. We just met today, but we have an adventure before us. He’s the Holmes to my Sherlock. The Rose to my Doctor. Or, for those of you not all geeky and literary, he’s the fish that will hopefully make me look less (but probably more) crazy.

The plan is to talk to him about those corners I write myself into. Bounce ideas off of. Gripe at when my characters decide to do something unbelievably stupid. Or to stare at when I need a moment to calm myself.

Who knows, maybe he’ll even reply! “Oh Shay, you crazed in the head loon, nobody will believe that load of…” “Hey now kind Sir, watch yourself!”

Or, maybe he’ll just stay a fish.

I think it’ll be the first one that happens though. I mean, we’re only a few hours into our new relationship, and he gets incredibly excited to see me when I grab a cuppa and come right back. You should see all of the fanning out and staring at me that he does then!

Just imagine us a few months from now… what a beautiful start to ending a writer’s lonely little world. I hope they make me a straight jacket that matches his beautiful shade of blue.