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For my 25th birthday, I discovered that aging was catching up with me. I went with the discovery of my first white hair as a birthday gift quite gracefully, I think. I didn’t rage, cry all day, or pull it out. I bought hair dye and went on with my day.

Over the next 5 years, one hair turned to about 10. I took that in stride as well.

Then for my 30th birthday, I discovered a white eyebrow hair. That one pricked my pride a bit. One has turned to 3, that keep coming back, no matter how bloody violent I am about removing them.

My 34th birthday is just around the corner, and a few days ago I discovered a white eyelash. What. The. Hell.

No matter where I part my hair, you will find at least 5 white hairs. And I mean white. They are not silver. They are not gray. All of these are bright white.

I mean, I’m thankful that my hair will make me one hot chick when I’m an old lady.

I’ve always wanted to bleach my hair bright white. Any video game character that I create, always has bright white hair, when choosing hair color is a choice. Heck, most of my childhood, I wanted to be Rogue from X-Men, because she has red hair with a bright white chunk right up front.


How hot is that?!

I’m not handling this eyelash thing at all well. I didn’t expect that one at all. I don’t even want to think about where the next white hair will come up at. Nuh uh.

I can’t dye my hair anymore either. I don’t know if it’s one of the two autoimmune disorders, or what, but even dye is burning my scalp now, so dyeing isn’t an option. Which sucks! Not just for the white hair issue, but because I love trying different colors out.

So my hair needs to just go all white. I’m done with it half assing it. Go big or go home. Er. Something like that.

Also, my oldest added two years to my age the other day. I can ground him for that right?

This getting older thing is for the birds.