A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

I write poetry, fantasy, supernatural, thriller kinda stuff. And to tap into that, my perfect writing space would need to feel like it is in an entirely different world. And to give you an idea of what that world would look like, I made a visual for you that you can find HERE.

I have a thing for nature. Being able to look up from my computer and into that would relax me, and help me become lost within the worlds within my mind.

I also like the shabby-chic, cluttered by organized office space. It’s the one space where I don’t have to worry about the outside world.

I’d have two desks, side by side. A roll top desk and a huge dining table type desk. One where the serious business of writing is done, and one where the free roaming, planning part takes place.

I’d need mood lighting, candles and Christmas lights, and windows with shutters.

I’d need to be surrounded by wood, books, paper, and nature.

I’d need a space outside of the main house so I could “disappear” from the daily life. A space that is kid free, housekeeping free. A space that is all about relaxing, writing, and being able to do so without interruption.

Check out the link above to get an idea of where this goddess would write, should a genie grant her that wish.