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I’ve been gone for a while, I know. Life has been crazy. A few months back my brother moved in with me for a couple of months, I published a poetry book, I had a Lupus flare followed by pneumonia, I tried out a couple of dating websites which led to me dating a friend of mine (still am), my brother moved out, and I got a promotion at work.
Not to mention the whole taking care of my house, my kids (which have decided that they want to share the hell out of every germ they come into contact with), trying to work on a few books, and get my second poetry book ready for publication.
Life is busy, intense, and ever-changing. I love it.

Until I write a “real” post, you can find my book at these places:

Amazon Paperback

Amazon Kindle Edition (currently on sale for .99 cents)

CreateSpace Paperback

Any and all reviews are welcome.

And if you want to follow my writer side, you can find me on Facebook at: Shay Leigh