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I took my boys (and myself) to our first hot air balloon festival. As a writer, it inspired all kinds of ideas and a story that I will be working on at some point in the future. The crowds weren’t that bad, but we mainly stuck to the sidelines. I brought mini donuts and hot cocoa for the boys and coffee for my brother and myself. Waking up before the crack of dawn on a Saturday was worth it for a change.

I do have to say that I want to meet the guy that said “Imma blow fire into this here fabric and see if that shit can fly me around in this here basket.” And we all know it was a guy, because a chick would have at least thought of adding a seat or two. *wink wink*

And just to give you a fun history lesson, did you know that the first passengers of the first hot air balloon were in fact a duck, a rooster, and a sheep!? Either he was single, or he really liked his wife. #justsayin

At the end of the day we went and watched the balloon glow. It was pretty, especially with the sun setting in the background, the cool breeze blowing across our skin, the redneck in the truck next to us horribly singing along to some weird country song that I have permanently blocked from my memory.

In the end, the kids and I had a great day, and witnessed something new to all of us.