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As a female, there are certain things that understandably scare you to do alone. This was one of those things.

An ex once told me that I needed to be chipped with a GPS locator. I am that good at getting lost, or finding places that no sane person would want to go. With that in mind, you can get why driving to El Paso, without a map, is somewhat scary for a girl like me. Especially when it’s in a part of the city where crossing the border to Mexico is a huge possibility. But for once, I didn’t hit the border by mistake (or on purpose).

The nerves of going to something of this nature on my own didn’t really hit until I was standing in line alone. I got a lot of looks. Maybe it was the single girl thing, maybe it was the hot pink con’s and tank top. Maybe it’s because I’m paranoid. Who really knows? A friend of mine helped keep me from a true panic attack via text through that part of it. During this Verne Troyer rolled by. He was shooting some video thing. He had to pass by several times. As I’m intensely aware of the things on my bucket list, I was close to introducing myself. But he also had about 5 handlers with him, so I left it be and just watched as I waited. He did smile and wave at me though. 🙂

I hit security, and the lady assumed the two guys behind me were with me. That led to her giving me an “are you nuts?” look when it became clear that I was on my own, and told me that should I need any assistance, there was security everywhere. And then I was in. Goal number one? Bottled water. It was insanely hot, but what do you expect in desert country? Once I was hydrated, I started checking out the art stalls. There are some creative people out there. I fell in love with a canvas print of Marilyn Monroe. She was wearing a shirt cut to show the underside of her breasts, and was covered in tattoos, all in black and white. It was hot. 😉 I did not buy it though, as I wasn’t going to carry that around with me all day.

Then I hit the tattooing area. It was sexy. There were at least 50 different tattoo shops set up. The air was cool with the occasional breeze. The sound of multiple tattoo guns buzzed from every direction. Music from different stalls, and from the bands setting up outside, punctuated the buzzing sounds. There were parents with their kids, goths, steampunk, emo, bikers, hipsters, military, nerds, elderly couples, gangsters, trendy chicks. Every walk of life milled about the stalls, looked through the artwork of the tattoo artists, chatted with the artists about what they’d like placed on them next. We all had a common bond. We all love ink.

One female artist wasn’t sure if she wanted to lick my arms or ink them (but does want me to stop by her shop in Cali someday), another female artist said I had the most suck-able looking lips, a random guy told me I had a great ass. It was different, and I took them all as the compliments they were. Eventually I wandered through the food stalls outside. While waiting in line for a shaved ice, I fell in lust with this guys boots in line behind me. We chatted as we waited, and I didn’t know until I was about to wander off to some shade that he was in one of the bands playing that day. Don’t know which band, can’t remember his name, but his boots were sexy and he was a really cool guy.

I ate my coconut shaved ice and people watched. Made eye contact with a guy sitting at the next table, found out he’s a fairly famous tattoo artist, and we chatted for a few minutes about the weather and the people milling about, before his crew took him back inside. Then I bought a couple of cute prints, and went to check out the band that was playing. It was blistering hot. The bleachers heat cut through my jeans within seconds, and I could feel my skin burning within 5 minutes. The band was good, the singer could scream quite beautifully, but the lyrics were very questionable. After 4 songs I sent my friend that lives there a text, asking if he was ready to do lunch.

He was going to be a bit getting to my end of town, so I headed inside to let my sunburn get a break. I was in luck as there was some human suspension going on. I like it in movies and such, but this was my first time seeing it live. It was pretty awesome. I kept waiting for the skin of his back to give. Especially when he picked up another guy and did some tricks with the added “weight”. I’d taken my cheapy digital camera with me, so none of the pictures came out very well, but I will always remember him.

I went out front and smoked while I waited for my friend to show up. Listened to the band playing at that point (horrible singer, just ew) and got some pics of the vintage cars that were lined up. Eventually I walked around the building and roamed the sidewalk until my friend pulled up. (He did an awesome turn in the middle of the road, totally earned a cheeser grin from me.) We headed to Chico’s Tacos and had some of the best cheapy tacos on the planet. After that he took me to his favorite bar and enjoyed a Guinness (and him a car bomb) and chatted. He sang “Poker Face” Cartman style when we were outside, letting me grab my nicotine break. It was hilarious.

During our inside convo I had brought up a billboard I had seen, and he told me about one that I HAD to get a picture of. So we drove around, hunting for this billboard. (Yes, I have odd things that I like). Then we hung out at his house, he played a few hilarious songs that I’d not heard before, and then he took me back to the festival.

This time I walked in like I owned the place. I immediately went to the stage area. Davey Suicide was playing. And let me just say, daaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuummmmmmmmm. Loved the music, the lyrics, his voice, and Gods was he pretty. This Goddess was happy. Ran into someone who I used to know, chatted with her a bit, and then made my way closer to the stage. The girl next to me became one of those immediate temporary friends. It was quite awesome. Her husband was great as well. The guy that decided to jump in on this chance meeting on the other hand…  he did have a kick ass shirt that was voice activated though. Personality wise… he had the shirt going for him.

The wife and I talked about how she’d just gotten out of the Army. My try in the Army. Where they were being stationed to next, our kids, bands. As I said, we hit it off pretty well. And then the band I was there to see hit the stage. Pure. Heaven. I don’t handle crowded situations well, and I didn’t even notice the hands, arms, legs touching various parts of me until about 3 songs in. And only then because I found myself to be in the middle of a mosh pit. I was terrified and electrified all at once. I kept thinking “whatever you do, do NOT fall down”. Some boney armed guy nailed me in my back pretty hard, at which point the husband and wife friends grabbed me and pulled me out. ( Ended up having a bruise on my back for 6 days from that. It was my secret badge of awesome.)

Listened to a few more songs, and then a fight broke out between two guys to my right. I almost got hit in the face, and being the feisty Irish girl that I am, I gave the guy a bring it look. (yeah, I have confidence in myself in the oddest situations.) The big ass dude behind me apparently thought I was in danger of the enraged guy actually bringing it, as he grabbed me around my waist and spun me behind him. (Thank you for the protection stranger dude, you rock!) I couldn’t really see where the fight went from there, and didn’t really care, as I was there to watch Static X.

They played every single one of my favorites by them. It was ecstasy. They sound the same live as they do on disc. I was on cloud nine. We encored them, and got 4 more songs for our efforts. I was blissed out. I did not want it to end. But it did. The crowd cleared out with a quickness. I headed to the t-shirt stall, as it was the only one I hadn’t touched earlier in the day. And who was standing there? Davey Suicide. ❤ I went all brain-dead and probably looked very special for about 2 minutes. He was the sweetest guy. I got two hugs from him, a picture with him, and a compliment from him. I hope he keeps that whenever they become more well-known. I bought a t-shirt and got a free cd.

Did I care that I was walking to my van in the dark, in a shady area of town, at almost 11 o’clock at night? Nope. I was too happy to care if I was mugged. But I wasn’t mugged. I did happen to get lost when I went to meet my friend to get my bag of goodies that I’d left in his car, but I did not end up in Mexico once. I had a hard time staying awake for the drive home, but I made it safe. And even though I’d only gotten 3 hours of sleep that night, it was the best 3 hours, and I woke with a smile on my face.

I can’t wait to go to a concert alone again. This Goddess learned she’s up for anything and can handle herself quite well in varied situations. Also, there are a lot of bad ass people out there, famous and non. I can’t wait to meet them.