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My long-time friend, sister of another mother (and father), and awesome zombie short story writer over at JAB (Just Another Body) nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award ( ❤ ). I don’t feel I’ve done much on this blog to really deserve this as of yet, but hell yeah I’m going to take it and run with it!!

With this award comes some rules (nothing in life is free anymore!). Those rules are to:

Nominate seven other blogs for this award & Name seven random things about myself.

Well, I honestly don’t read that many blogs, especially from us lesser knowns, but I will nominate all of the ones I do follow and adore.

  1. Just Another Body- She writes some awesome zombie short stories that have all tied together in various ways. It’s pretty awesome. I’ve also known her most of my life. We used to dress up like Jessica Rabbit and come out of her bedroom closet singing like her. We’re awesome, stop being jealous. Also, I want to lick her brain.
  2. Beefy’s House o’ Fun- He’s about as random as they come with this blog, but one thing always remains the same, he’s majestic. He can make me laugh, become fiesty, think, and sometimes cry. He and I met in a chatroom in a place known as AOL almost 11 years ago, and it’s been one hell of a carnival ride since, and I never plan on getting off of it. (I had to put “of it” in there, or Beefy would make a totally lewd comment, that I may or may not enjoy.)
  3. Elysabeth Williams- This is the home of Elysabeth Williams’ Author page. Her books are awesome. You should read them. Why are you even here anymore? Go read them! …. For those of you that don’t listen, she and I met many moons ago in twitterland. We share an obsession with writing… and coffee… and men in kilts… We’ve had many laughs since that first random meeting, and have become pretty good friends in that time as well. I want to get locked into a writer’s retreat with her.
  4. Jordan Drew- This is another author page, but this one is for my friend Jordan Drew. She writes in such a way that I want to marry her words. And possibly a character of hers. *ahem* She and I met within the same twitter night of epicness that I met Elysabeth. She also shares an obsession with the written word and coffee. But she’s with child right now, so Beth and I have unselfishly taken up drinking her share of coffee. We’re good, devoted, caring friends like that.
  5. This spot is reserved for a friends private blog. That person is like my mental twin. If this blog ever goes public I will share said blog for years and years and years. *nods*
  6. Jenny- The Bloggess- The best way to explain her is like saying you’re enjoying your own personal Heaven, but know you’re going to burn in Hell. But it’s all good, you’ll have some fantastic fucking company down below, especially because she’ll be there to amuse you. This woman gets me and doesn’t even know me. After Jordan’s character and I suffer a drunken divorce, I’m totally going to marry Jenny, once she and I get that pesky Victor character she’s married to out of our way.
  7. Hyperbole and a Half- Ever laugh so hard you cried and developed a case of the hiccups for two days? Yeah. Um. Me either… If you’d like to laugh like that, then totally go to this blog. Because that chick is hilarious. I suggest you start with The God of Cake. I so want cake now.

As to seven random facts about me, I made them about as random as I could. Enjoy. *wink*

1. I have a slight obsession with flip flops.
2. I adore black & white photography.
3. I cannot stand people that fall asleep when watching a movie for the first time.
4. I can read a 500 page book in less than a day.
5. I wanted to be She-Ra when I grew up.
6. I’ve only seen one movie that was better than the book.
7. It’s taken me over 2 hours to figure out those first 6 random facts.