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The other day my oldest son and I were running around town, getting several things on our to do list taken care of. About an hour in he randomly asks me to turn down the stereo so he could ask me a question. This is that conversation:

Son: Mom, have you ever wanted to be President? because you’re almost old enough.

Me: Of what? The United States?

Son: Yeah.

Me: Yeah, not really.

Son: Why not?

Me: Honestly? I wouldn’t want that many people depending on me. I wouldn’t want to have that kind of power, per say.

Son: But, you’re awesome, being President is awesome, so you’d be like super amazing awesome.

Me: Well, babe, Imma leave that to those that want that as their life.

Son: But Moooooom, Obama needs to be overthrown before he gets another four years.

Me: *raised eyebrow in the mirror* Uh. What?

Son: That’s what Papa watches on the news, that Obama is awful and he just sucks monkey balls and stuff.

Me: The news said that Obama sucks monkey balls?

Son: Ugh. Basically. Just, run for President mom, you’d kick butt and the country would be less crazy with you keeping everyone in line.

Me: *laughing* Uh huh. Baby, I couldn’t raise that kind of money, and nobody would vote for me.

Son: One vote would count for a million, because THAT’S how awesome you are.

Me: That’s also ILLEGAL.

Son: Yeah, but you’re a Goddess, you’ll make them all forget. So, just do it.

Me: Sure baby, I’ll run for President based off of that logic.

Son: Yay! I can’t wait to live in The White House!

So yeah, looks like I need to run for President. My kid has high expectations for me.

Wanna contribute to my “Put a Goddess in The Oval Office” fund?