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So I had decided to try to tackle something on my bucket list. My doctor had suggested that I do a 3 day raw diet a while back, as it would help boost my immune system and help me break through the weight-loss plateau that was sure to come.

I made it through one day.

I managed to not kill anyone with my lack of coffee in the morning, the food aspect didn’t bother me as I eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies on a daily basis as is, and I was stoked to start losing weight again. (I’ve lost 71 pounds and have been stuck there since.) Around noon I started getting a wicked headache. By the time I left work it was moving into tension headache/migraine land. By that evening I gave in and made a cup of half caff with Tylenol as a chaser.

The next morning is where it’s all at though. It took me over ten minutes to get out of bed. Not from being tired, but because I couldn’t get my body to respond, and I hurt like hell. I made it through 2.5 hours at work before it became clear that I was having a lupus flare.

The raw diet not only didn’t boost my immune system, it pissed off my body to the point of triggering the very thing it was supposed to help tame.

I’ve been dealing with a flare since Tuesday. It’s finally leaching off, but now I have all of the fun “aftershocks” to get through. Exhaustion, sore muscles, anonymous bruising, hair loss. Which all of that I can handle. The lowered immune system and chances for catching a cold are what I’m not looking forward to, as I start a new job on Monday, that I’m very much looking forward to.

I may remove the raw diet from my bucket list, or leave it there for a second chance some other day. Until then, yay for coffee! (As my oldest said, “Mom, coffee is like magic.” Me: “Why so?” Son: “It keeps you sane, keeps you from going crazy, and keeps the rest of us from being killed by you.” Yep. He gets it. Coffee magic is a thing.)