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As the title states, this bucket list is never ending, which means I am constantly adding new things to it. As of this moment it has 173 things on it, and some of those numbers have multiple things involved in the one item. Honestly, I will never die at this rate. 😉 When I check something off of it, I will create a link with its item that will lead to a blog about it. Even for ones I have already marked off of the list. There are a few that would make the average person blush to admitting to wanting to do, but I’m a Goddess, so I’m okay with sharing. These are in no particular order, but they are all things I want to try/do/see/experience. Here goes:

1.) Stay the night and do a ghost tour at the Stanley Hotel. Get awesome pictures.
2.) Spend 2 weeks in Scotland, England and Ireland.
3.) France
4.) Italy
5.) Alaska
6.) Canada
7.) New York City
8.) San Francisco (California)
9.) New Orleans during Mardi Gras
10.) See a real fall
11.) Play with the boys on a beach.
12.) Take the boys to disney, seaworld, harry potter
13.) Get to a size where I don’t question my weight
14.) finish my first book. publish it
15.) write more books. publish them
16.) Learn to play my guitar
17.) Sing in public. (don’t pass out)
18.) go on a cruise
19.) go to Salem during Halloween
20.) go to a cherry blossom festival
21.) Donate a good amount of money to a charity.
22.) see my boys become men.
23.) do the full Bataan Memorial Death March
24.) learn another language fluently
25.) snowboard
26.) in-line skate
27.) surf
28.) sail. deep sea fish
29.) motorcycle lessons
30.) white water rafting
31.) dance on the bar at Coyote Ugly
32.) dance in an Irish Pub
33.) karaoke with friends at a real karaoke bar
34.) Greece, one whole week, see the tombs
35.) ride horseback through the forest
36.) buy a round of drinks
37.) be an extra in a film
38.) adopt an accent for an ENTIRE day
39.) get my picture in the newspaper
40.) spend a summer abroad
41.) swim naked (completed April 2015)
42.) dance in the street in Paris
43.) teach all of my boys to fish
44.) swim with dolphins
45.) go to a costume ball/ masquerade
46.) Dance at all of my boys weddings
47.) ice skate
48.) build/buy my dream home
49.) bungee jump
50.) sky dive
51.) own my dream car
52.) take my boys camping
53.) make my kids proud
54.) learn to tango, do it under the moonlight in Italy
55.) get a pilot’s license
56.) Quit Smoking
57.) catch fireflies with the kids (first for all of us)
58.) learn to play cello
59.) witness the kind act of a stranger
60.) do a kind act without anyone knowing. (Completed November 2015)
61.) fly in a hot air balloon
62.) see the northern lights
63.) fly a kite with my boys, that we make
64.) sleep in a hammock
65.) go on a helicopter flight
66.) go on a road trip with no set destination
67.) go snorkeling
68.) go zip-lining
69.) make a cake from scratch
70.) spend a day at a resort spa
71.) learn to make pottery
72.) make an origami owl
73.) go rappelling
74.) tour a vineyard
75.) feed a koala bear
76.) swim under a waterfall
77.) make love outdoors (Completed April 2015)
78.) ride in a gondola
79.) start a real flower garden
80.) drive a racing car
81.) learn stunt driving
82.) human sling shot
83.) learn archery
84.) go hawking
85.) stomp grapes
86.) see a volcano
87.) drive a tractor
88.) see a play on Broadway
89.) enter something into a food competition
90.) skeet shoot
91.) take a pole dancing class
92.) ride a mechanical bull
93.) meet someone famous (not listed)
94.) climb an indoor rock wall
95.) fly on a trapeze
96.) make ice cream with the kids
97.) give a friend their perfect day
98.) relax in a hot spring (Completed April 2015)
99.) send a message in a bottle
100.) tour a lighthouse
101.) pay for a strangers meal
102.) visit a butterfly sanctuary
103.) go to a wax museum
104.) ride an ATV
105.) fly first class
106.) ride in a limo
107.) receive a fan letter
108.) eat fire
109.) eat a raw diet for 3 days
110.) plant a tree for all of my kids
111.) put change in a strangers meter
112.) learn to parallel park
113.) learn to solve a complicated math problem
114.) take a creative writing class
115.) donate blood
116.) play golf for a day
117.) hold a monkey
118.) pet a panther
119.) wrap a snake around myself (do NOT freak the fuck out)
120.) stand up for someone that can’t
121.) feed sharks
122.) jump off a cliff
123.) get hypnotized
124.) be debt free
125.) send flowers to a friend without a card
126.) host a game night
127.) slide down a firehouse pole
128.) start a food fight with my kids
129.) rub headstones
130.) learn to play piano
131.) learn to play poker, win a game
132.) learn to juggle
133.) build a tree house for the boys
134.) walk the great wall
135.) swim in a lake
136.) go to a burlesque show
137.) ride in a train
138.) spend a winter weekend in a cabin
139.) have sex in the rain
140.) go to a real Irish pub
141.) lay on a blanket and watch the stars
142.) sleep on a boat
143.) run a 5k
144.) walk across an old school rope & wood bridge
145.) see a super bowl in person
146.) watch the ball drop in NY
147.) volunteer at a food kitchen
148.) Dance to swing music in a laundry mat
149.) ride an elephant
150.) get a part in a play
151.) Japan
152.) Meet Charlaine Harris
153.) Meet Johnny Depp
154.) eat sushi (Completed March 2012)
155.) Hawaii
156.) see a Russian ballet
157.) make crepes
158.) go to a writer’s conference
159.) Go to comic-con
160.) hang glide
161.) kiss under/in front of a waterfall
162.) dance in a rainstorm
163.) stay the night in a castle
164.) learn to sword fight
165.) test drive a convertible I have no intention of buying
166.) play beer (or wine!) pong
167.) Australia
168.) Mexico/ Day of the Dead
169.) have pin up pictures done (firetruck)
170.) get professional fairy pictures done
171.) take a picture of myself every day for a year
172.) learn sign language completely
173.) host a family reunion
174.) learn to lasso

175.) hula dance
176.) Cambodia
177.) release a floating lantern

178.) Make a sand castle with the boys (Completed June 2013)

179.) Take dancing lessons

180.) See a white beach

181.) See a black beach