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My challenge for myself, starting this month, is to be as real as possible.
If you know me and talk to me, be careful what you ask, because I am starting a new habit. I’m not going to shy from the topic, I’m not going to guard my true thoughts and feelings, I am going to be real.
I’m tired of allowing myself to become a rug for other people, and so I’m not going to be.
This is my challenge for myself for the month. You have to do something fairly often for it to become a habit. And I need to build a habit to state what is really going on inside my mind.
I’m tired of fearing the judgements of others. If they want to judge me, let them.
I have no control over anyone, only myself. And I’ve been too in control of myself for a very long time, by allowing the fear of what the other person (or people) in my life think about me.
So I am going to say what I think, and be real about how I feel.
And this, dearest readers, is step one to this Goddess living her life, out loud.